Do Fishes Need Air?

No, fishes do not need air. They live in water and breathe through their gills.

Can fish live without air?

Fish do not need air to live, but they can benefit from it. Air helps to keep fish cool and moist.

How long can fish survive without oxygen?

Fish can survive for a short period of time without oxygen. For example, a goldfish can survive for about two minutes without air.

Does fish require oxygen?

Fish do not require oxygen to breathe, however they do require a water source. Fish can breathe air if they are placed in an environment with low levels of oxygen.

Does every fish need air?

A fish needs air to survive, but not all fish need air the same way. Some fish, such as catfish and goldfish, can breathe air through their skin.

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Other fish, such as trout, need to breathe air through their mouths.

How can I keep fish without a air pump?

There are a few ways to keep fish without an air pump. One option is to use a fish tank that is part of an automatic feeder.

This type of fish tank will automatically dispense food to the fish, and will keep them fed even if you are not home to feed them. Another option is to use a fish pond.

A fish pond can be filled with fresh or salt water, and will provide the fish with the food and water they need to survive.

Can a fish live in a bowl?

It depends on the fish’s size, temperament, and tank setup. Some small fish, such as guppies, can live in bowls if they are given enough space.

Larger fish, such as goldfish, may not be able to survive in bowls because they would get cramped and stressed. It is also important to make sure the bowl is big enough for the fish to swim around in and to provide plenty of hiding places.

Do all fish tanks need an air pump?

Some fish tanks do not require an air pump, while others may require an air pump that circulates oxygen and water. Some fish tanks may also require an air pump to help remove waste and CO2 from the tank.

Can fish live in a bowl without a filter?

The health and well-being of each individual fish depends on a variety of factors, including the type of fish, water quality, and filter type/setup. However, in general, fish can live in a bowl without a filter if the bowl is filled with clean water and the filter is removed.

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Can a fish survive in a closed container?

A fish can survive in a closed container if the container is large enough for the fish to swim around and if the water temperature is comfortable. If the water temperature is too hot or cold, the fish may die.

Do fish get thirsty?

Fish do get thirsty. Aquatic animals need water to maintain body temperature, to prevent from from losing salt and to remove waste products.

Freshwater fish typically drink water several times a day. Salt water fish drink more water but also consume other food items that contain salts.

Do fishes sleep?

Most fishes do not sleep in the traditional sense, as they spend very little time at a resting state. However, some fishes, such as catfishes and some sturgeons, may spend brief periods of time at rest.

Sleep in fishes occurs in a number of ways. Some fishes, such as the cichlid, may sleep by immersing their body completely in water.

Other fishes, such as the goby, may sleep by swimming in a specific direction for an extended period of time. Some fishes sleep by secreting a slime coat that prevents them from being disturbed.

Do fish need lots of space?

Fish need lots of space because they are aquatic animals. They need to swim and breathe underwater.

Fish produce a lot of waste, so they need a lot of room to avoid getting polluted. Fish also need a lot of space to avoid being eaten by other fish or animals.


No, fishes do not need air. They live in water and breathe through their gills.