What Is A Wagoi Koi?

A Wagoi koi is a type of ornamental fish that is popular in Japan. It is a member of the carp family and is distinguished by its long, slender body and bright colors.

Wagoi koi are bred for their beauty and are kept as pets by many Japanese households.

What are the 3 varieties of koi?

There are three main varieties of koi: common, giant, and tancho.

Common koi are the most common variety and typically have a yellow or orange body with black stripes running the length of their body. They can grow up to four feet long and thirty pounds in weight.

Giant koi are the largest type of koi and can grow up to six feet long and two hundred pounds in weight. They typically have a blue or green body with black stripes running the length of their body.

Tancho koi are the rarest type of koi and are typically a deep red or purple color. They can grow up to twelve feet long and one hundred pounds in weight.

What is the rarest koi Colour?

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The rarity of a koi colour can depend on a number of factors, including the geographical location of the fish, the breeding program of the fish breeder, and the availability of the specific colour variety. However, some of the rarest koi colours include albino, blue, black, platinum, and red.

What is the prettiest type of koi?

Everyone may have their own personal preference. Some people may prefer the traditional look of a koi with a solid color body and large, brightly colored eyes, while others may prefer the more stylized look of a koi with a patterned body and smaller, more subtle eyes.

Ultimately, the prettiest type of koi is whatever pleases the individual who is buying or owning it!

What does Maruten mean?

Maruten is a Japanese word meaning “to measure.”

What is the most expensive type of koi?

The most expensive type of koi is the show koi. These fish are selectively bred for their beauty and can cost upwards of $10,000.

What is the most valuable koi?

The most valuable koi are those that are the heaviest for their size and have the most ornamental markings. These fish are typically more expensive to buy and maintain, and are often kept in more prestigious locations.

What is a ghost koi?

A ghost koi is a rare variation of the common koi fish. These fish have a characteristic “ghost” pattern on their scales, which gives them their name.

Ghost koi are said to be born with this pattern, which may be due to a genetic mutation.

Ghost koi are considered to be a lucky fish, and are often given as gifts to people who are believed to be in good luck. They are also popular among hobbyists, who consider them to be beautiful and unique fish.

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Why is my black koi orange?

The most common cause of black koi orange is a problem with the fish’s pigment cells. This can happen when the fish’s diet is not balanced and contains too much orange food.

It can also be caused by a problem with the fish’s swim bladder or liver. Treatment usually involves changing the fish’s diet or giving the fish medication to restore its pigment cells.

What is a black koi called?

There are many different types and colors of black koi, but the most common one is called a ‘nihon koi’ or Japanese black koi. They get their name from the country where they were first bred in large numbers, Japan.

What makes an expensive koi?

There are a few factors that can make a koi fish expensive. One is the quality of the fish itself- some koi can cost a lot more than others because they are bred in better conditions or have more features than other types of koi.

Another factor is the rarity of the fish- some koi are only found in a small number of ponds or rivers, so they can be more expensive to purchase than normal koi. Finally, the size of the koi can also be a factor- a large koi can be more expensive than a small one, simply because there is more demand for them.

What is a Hariwake koi?

A hariwake koi is a type of koi that is raised in Japan. Hariwake koi are typically smaller than other types of koi and have a different coloration than other types of koi.

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Hariwake koi are also known for their hariwake pattern, which is a pattern of spots on their scales.

What does Grade A koi mean?

Grade A koi refers to fish that meet a certain quality standard. The standard is set by the Japanese Koi Federation and is based on a number of factors, including size, color, and shape.


Wagoi koi are a type of ornamental fish that originated in Japan. They are characterized by their long, slender bodies and bright colors.

Wagoi koi are popular among aquarists and are often kept in ponds or aquariums.