What Does 3 Dots On Your Hand Mean?

The three dots tattoo is a popular tattoo that has many different meanings. It can represent the Holy Trinity, it can be a symbol of protection, or it can simply be a decorative tattoo.

What does 3 dots symbolize?

The three dots in the middle of the “B” in “B-2-B-3” stand for “bipartite.” This is a symbol used in mathematics and physics to represent a set that is both finite and bipartite.

This means that it consists of two parts, or subsets, that can be thought of as separate entities.

What is the 3 dots on the hand?

The three dots on the hand are called the “eyebrow.” They are used as a sign of respect in many cultures.

What does a 3 dot in a row tattoo mean?

A three dot tattoo symbolizes the number 3. It is also a sign that someone is a member of the trinity, or a triad. The trinity consists of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

What does dots on hand tattoo mean?

The dots on hand tattoo can denote different things depending on the tattoo artist and the meaning behind the tattoo. Some people may see the dots as a sign of being unique and individual, while others may see them as a sign of strength and determination.

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There are many different meanings that can be ascribed to dots on hand tattoo, so it is up to the individual to decide what they mean to them.

What do dots represent spiritually?

Dots on a spiritual map represent places of concentration or power. They may represent deities, angels, or other spiritual beings.

They may also represent sacred objects or places.

What does the 3 triangle tattoo mean?

The three triangles tattoo is a popular tattoo that is often associated with the triad, a group of three symbols that are often used to represent a balance or harmony. The triangle can represent the first letter of the Greek alphabet, Alpha, and is often used as a symbol for strength, purity, and truth.

What does 3 triangles mean?

The three triangles symbolize the three essential elements of any successful business: product, price, and promotion. The product triangle tells what the company produces and how it is made.

The price triangle tells what the company charges for its products and how much profit it makes. The promotion triangle tells what the company does to get its products into the hands of customers.

What does 3 dots and 2 lines mean?

When you see three dots and two lines, it means that you are being sent a message that you have been put on hold.

What do the dots on peoples fingers mean?

The dots on peoples fingers mean they are of African descent. This is because when people from Africa migrated to the Americas, they brought with them the custom of dotting the fingers to identify people of African descent.

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What do dots on knuckles mean?

Dots on the knuckles are a sign of stress or anxiety. They can be a result of repetitive hand movements, arthritis, or a blow to the hand.


The three dots on your hand represent the threefold principle of Freemasonry: brotherhood, relief, and truth. They also stand for the three pillars of Freemasonry: wisdom, strength, and beauty.