What Does Kage Mean In Koi?

Kage (影, かげ, カゲ) is a Japanese word meaning “shadow”. It can refer to the shadow of an object, or to a person’s shadow. In koi, kage refers to the dark markings on a koi’s body.

These markings are usually black or very dark brown, and they can be found on koi of all colors. Kage can also be used to describe the dark color of a koi’s skin.

What is Sumi in Koi?

Sumi is a type of ink used in the Japanese art of koi pond keeping. Sumi ink is made from a natural black pigment, and is used to create a layer of ink on the surface of a koi pond.

This layer of ink helps to create a natural look for koi, and can also be used to identify individual koi.

What is Koi Benny?

Koi benny is a type of fishing lure that is made to imitate the look and behavior of a common Japanese koi fish. This lure is typically made from a soft plastic or metal frame with a series of round, oval, or triangular shapes painted to resemble a koi fish’s scales.

These lures are weighted at the bottom to fall slowly to the bottom of the water, where they are likely to be caught by a fisherman fishing with a rod and reel.

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What is a ki Utsuri Koi?

A ki Utsuri Koi is a type of carp that has been selectively bred in Japan for centuries for its exceptional fighting abilities. These fish are known for their quick reflexes and strong fighting instincts, and are often used in professional competitions to determine the best koi fighters.

What does Gin Rin mean?

Gin Rin (Japanese: 기린) is a Japanese word that refers to an aromatic juniper-based spirit that is typically served neat or over ice. Gin is a type of distilled spirit made from fermented grain mash.

What is Shiroji?

Shiroji is an ancient Japanese style of painting that emphasizes the use of white, black, and gray to create a stark and minimalist look. The style is often used to create images of landscapes and abstract concepts.

What is a Benigoi koi?

Benigoi koi are a type of koi fish that originate from Japan. They are considered to be one of the most highly prized koi varieties due to their coloration and patterns.

These fish are known for their striking coloration, including a deep red or purple hue, as well as a plethora of swirling and intricate patterns.

What is Ogon koi?

The Ogon koi (Japanese: ōgōn koi) is a species of koi fish. It is endemic to Japan, where it is found in the river basins of the Tama and Kuma Rivers.

The Ogon koi is a medium-sized fish, reaching a length of up to 2.5 meters. It has a streamlined body and a long, slender, deeply forked tail.

The coloration is variegated, with a greenish-brown back and a greenish-blue belly. The fish has a distinctive pattern of black and white spots on its fins.

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The Ogon koi is a popular fish in Japan, where it is bred in numerous koi ponds. It is also occasionally seen in the aquarium trade.

What is a Wagoi koi?

A Wagoi koi is a type of koi fish that is characterized by its unique coloring and design. Wagoi koi are typically a dark red or black with a pattern of white or yellow markings on its body.

These markings can vary in size and shape, and can be dispersed throughout the fish’s body, fins, and tail. The white or yellow coloring is also often concentrated around the fish’s eyes, giving it a striking appearance.

How much is a ki Utsuri koi?

A Ki Utsuri Koi is a Japanese word meaning a very rare or valuable fish. A Ki Utsuri Koi can fetch a high price due to its rarity.

Are there blue koi fish?

There are blue koi fish in the wild, but they are not kept in captivity in the same way as gold or silver koi. Blue koi are not as common as their other colors, but they are still a popular fish to keep.


Kage is a Japanese word meaning “shadow.” It is often used in the context of koi ponds, where the shadow of the fish creates a beautiful contrast with the brightly-colored koi.