What Is Shiroji?

Shiroji is a type of Japanese rice that is characterized by its short, round grain and its slightly sticky texture. It is often used in sushi and other Japanese dishes.

What is pure Shiroji?

Shiroji is a Japanese word meaning “pure white.” It is a type of rice that is especially prized for its delicate flavor and clean look.

What does Gin Rin mean?

Gin Rin literally means “clear mind.” It is a term used in Japanese medicine to describe a state of mind in which the individual is clearheaded, calm, and able to think clearly.

What is Kiwa in koi?

Kiwa is a secretion from the gallbladder of Koi, and is used as a medicine to improve their appetite and digestion.

What is koi fish called in English?

Koi fish are commonly called “greens” in English.

How do I make my koi whiter?

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There are a few things that can be done to make your koi whiter. One is to change the water that they are swimming in.

You can add water clarifiers to the water to help make the water clearer. Another thing that can be done is to change the diet of your koi.

You can add a high quality pellet food to their diet to help make their skin whiter.

Why is my kohaku orange?

The kohaku orange is a type of pomelo that is typically seen in Japan. It is a cross between a citrus fruit and a grapefruit, and has a sour, slightly sweet flavor.

Kohaku oranges are most commonly found in pre-packaged juice or frozen concentrate form, and are used in Japanese cuisine to add color and flavor to dishes.

What is Sumi koi?

Sumi koi (Japanese: 雨水毛魚) is a domesticated ornamental fish originating in Japan. Sumi koi are a type of goby and are characterized by their scales that are very smooth, making them look wet.

Sumi koi have a slender body and a long, thin tail. Sumi koi are typically silver or gray in color, but can also be tan, green, or blue.

Sumi koi are peaceful fish and are best kept in a small, temperature-controlled aquarium. Sumi koi feed on algae and plankton, and are not typically aggressive.

What does Tosai koi mean?

The Japanese word “tosa” can mean either a type of fish or an artist. The word “koi” is a Japanese word for “carp” and “tosa” is the Japanese name for a specific type of carp called the koi.

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The word “tosa” is also used as a term of respect, similar to the English word “mister.” When referring to an artist, the word “tosa” is often used as a suffix to their name, such as “Tosa Masa.”

What is Botan koi?

Botan koi is a type of ornamental koi fish. It is a hybrid of two different types of koi fish, the common carp and the goldfish.

The result is a fish with both the color and personality of each parent. Botan koi are typically more colorful and active than other koi varieties.

What does Kage mean in koi?

Kage typically means “shadow” or “darkness” in the Japanese language. In the context of koi, kage may refer to the striking patterns and colors on a koi’s skin.

What is a Wagoi koi?

Wagoi koi are a type of koi fish that are native to Japan. They are considered to be one of the most beautiful and rare varieties of koi fish.

Wagoi koi are typically brightly colored and have a unique shaped head.

How do koi talk?

Koi are able to communicate with each other through vocalization. Koi can produce a variety of sounds, including whistles, barks, and hisses.

They use these sounds to communicate with each other, as well as to attract mates.


Shiroji is a Japanese word that refers to the white space on a page. In design, shiroji is used to create visual balance and to draw the eye to a particular element.